011: Focus on What Works with Karen Cappello

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Karen’s website: karencappello.com

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Karen’s book “The Clients You Are Seeking Are Also Seeking You”


Fabian Luetzig: Welcome to the Global Campfire of Coaching, an ongoing discussion between coaches, coachees and anybody else interested in the Art and the Science of coaching, spreading information and exchanging opinions so that we learn and grow together as a community. I’m Fabian Luetzig.

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Joining us at the Campfire today is Karen Cappello. Karen, MCC, BCC is a Master Certified Coach who works with seasoned coaches to grow their businesses and create the lives they have dreamed of.

During Karen's 30+ years in business, her experiences as a university administrator, president of a semi-conductor manufacturing company and estate planner utilized her natural coaching abilities.  

Karen received her Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation in 2002, her first year of coaching; accruing 250 hours of coaching in less than 9 months.  In 2015, she earned the Master Certified Coach credential

Karen is the former Chief Learning Officer of International Coach Academy and has trained coaches for six different coach training organizations.  

In every area of her business and life, Karen’s passion for both the outer and the inner game is evident.   With her exuberant style and her commitment to living by her own values, vision and purpose, Karen is a role model for other coaches who want to grow their practices and achieve success with ease and joy.

Her book “The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You” is an Amazon bestseller.


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